Ephemera Postcard VINTAGE - Mermaid W/ Black Baby Doll - One Side Full Color Print  -
Ephemera Postcard VINTAGE - Mermaid W/ Black Baby Doll - One Side Full Color Print  -

Ephemera Postcard VINTAGE - Mermaid W/ Black Baby Doll - One Side Full Color Print -

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Vintage Ephemera - Postcard

Subject Matter: Ginger Mermaid W/ Black Baby Doll

One Side Full Color

 Caption:  "Everyone's Loved By Someone"

Vintage Antique Reproduction - This is a vintage postcard, probably printed in the 1950's or 1960's.  However, the postcard imagery is a reproduction of postcard artwork from the 1890's to the 1920's.  Yes, I know it's a bit confusing, but it is a very interesting piece.  At first glance it may seem harmless, innocent enough.  However, when you really start dissecting it and take the caption into consideration...the racial undertones of the turn of the last century start to surface.  KFG does not condone this type of rhetoric but we do understand that this is part of our history and if we don't face these issues and just sweep them under the rug...then history will undoubtedly repeat itself.  If you don't believe me, turn on the news, except FOX, they seem to think racism doesn't even really exist and actually if there is any sort of racial disparity, it's actually white Europeans that are treated unfairly.  But, if you're dumb enough to believe that and haven't taken the time to look around and see for yourself...well, then God, Allah, Buddha, Lucifer, magic leprechaun, wizard, L Ron Hubbard, the Annunaki Alien Overlords, or whoever you feel you need to worship to make yourself whole so you can feel good about yourself...help us all...because we're f*cked.  I mean more so than we already are.  Death to arrogance and ignorance.  Maybe try believing in yourself, and in your family and friends, and believing in the human race as a whole.  Then maybe we can start to move forward...together.  And to all the racial purist, get over it, we're mixing more and more each day...you lose.  Stop whining, quit letting fear run your life, put yourself in an uncomfortable situation and have a conversation with someone whose culture you don't understand.  Hopefully, you'll start to realize how absurd you've been and realize we're all here sharing one common space here on this planet and there isn't sh*t you can do about it.  And after all that, if you still feel like you just can't be around someone that doesn't look, sound, or worship like you maybe you should go play in traffic or something because you're holding the rest of us back from evolving into compassionate, understanding, loving, cooperative beings that are smart enough to know if we band together in positivity we can advance rather than sit here, stagnant, in this sh*t ditch warring and hating one another.  Seems like an easy choice, but some of you just can't seem to grasp these very basic concepts and human emotions.  If you base your life in fear and hate you're not part of the problem...you are the whole problem...so f*cking stop it already a**holes.  I bet you didn't think you'd be confronting these kind of issues when you clicked on this vintage postcard post...you're welcome.


Condition:  MINT, no writing or postmark, sharp edges and corners.  Rich print colors.  The print registration and cut seem to be off a little, but I feel it works well with the subject matter and it's social undertones.